Saturday, May 22, 2010

Goal setting

It's not who you think you are that holds you back. It's who you think you are not!

The following information is taken from my book "Starting Your Own Business", first published in 1988.

The first step to becoming successful is becoming an expert on yourself and understanding the reasons you want to be successful. Without strong goals you may never consider yourself successful. Goal setting is important to success in life and in business.

Most people do not set goals for themselves. Our reasons vary. I believe that most of us don't understand the value in setting goals. We, therefore, see no gain for ourselves by setting goals.

Do you feel this way? Ask yourself: What short term and long term goals have I set for myself? Have I written them down? How close am I to achieving my goals?

To reach your goal and be successful, you must see yourself achieving the action at which you wish to be successful. To do this you should have a clear picture in your mind.

You must see yourself achieving the goal to believe that you will. Some call this the power of visualization. Others call it the "movie of the mind" or the "as if action." If you believe your success is dependent on others not yourself, then your self-image may not allow you to become successful.

To have a clear picture and to do the "as if action" required to be successful, you need to understand the following. Defining your personal and business goals is not an easy task. It requires an understanding of yourself and an understanding of the power of goal setting. The principle of visualization or the "As if Action" helps us understand.

You can change self-image. The subconscious control’s self image, but the subconscious cannot tell the difference between imagined success and real success. Review the imagined success in detail using all the senses. We learn self image over the years as people told us what we could or could not do. What you imagine with frequency as real becomes your own version of reality.

Ask yourself: What are my dreams for the future? What are some of my talents? What am I not good at? Why? Do I have a positive self image? If you cannot answer these questions positively, ask yourself why?

One thing will hold you back. That thing is Fear. Ask yourself what you are afraid of? After you know what you are afraid of, then you need to ask what the results of this fear? Finally, you need to ask if you can live with the results of the fear. If you can, then you should continue. If you cannot, then you need to re evaluate. Remember: Fear neither causes the events that you fear to happen, nor can it prevent them from happening

To overcome fear and increase your self-image, remember self-image is a conceptual, visual, display of self-esteem. Take stock of those images with which you display yourself: clothes, autos, home, garage, closet, dresser drawers, desks, photos, gardens, and cars. Make it a priority to sharpen these expressions of your life.

Write a two-page resume of your professional and personal assets. Write it as if you were going to apply for the job of your life. Read this autobiography twice a day. Instead of writing a past resume, write it in the future tense. List your maximum current potential and future potential. Listen to inspirational tapes. Listening sparks the imagination.

In 21 days by using self-instruction cards and visualization, you can take steps to start changing your life. Here is how it works. Write down your goals on index cards. Make them simple, one goal per card. Write them in the first person present tense. Read these cards twice a day for 21 days. Practice visualization as you read the card.

A Sample Self instruction:

Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful, if anybody cannot handle my success, tough. I will find new friends that can. I love success, I work hard for what I get, so I deserve it all

I guarantee that one of two events will happen.

1. You will move closer to your goals within 21 days or

2. You will stop reading the card.

By following the above steps you will make your movie of your mind come alive for you. You will be that much closer to reaching your goals.

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