Saturday, May 8, 2010


On my walks I have time to think and to watch the world as it unfolds in my tiny universe. Over the next few weeks the leaves will start to bloom again, the grass will grow. As I walk I will enjoy watching the river banks start to climb up the dyke as the winter snow start to melt; flooding is an issue in many parts of the world but has not been along the banks of the Fraser for a long time. The flowers along the river banks will slowly open to the bring beauty back to the desolate browns that have been in my vision for the winter. There will be more activity on the river as the booms and the tugs move along the wood to the mills and the fish start to come back to spawn. The system of life or the cycle of life continues. Spring is my second favourite time of the year. Fall is my favourite. Spring brings hope of renewal and energy while Fall brings the joy of harvest and the promise of a new day.

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