Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Being Present in the moment

When we achieve being loving with ourselves and others, life becomes the joy it is meant to be.  Learning to love yourself starts with learning to be present in the moment inside your body, and try to stay positive even when dealing with negative people. The bottom-line is that we should not instantly label someone negative just because their thoughts or ideas don’t align perfectly with ours.  When we have given them a fair and diligent look at both positions and they are obviously being negative for negative’s sake… we need a plan for how to make the most of the situation. Here are some ideas:

Success in life does not come from pacification or avoidance. To make consistent progress forward we have to consciously address the issues in our lives.  So what are steps we can take to make the most of the negative people and circumstances around us?

1. Look closely at what they are saying as an opportunity to check your own views and attitude. As Barbara Streisand (or for the younger one's the cast of GLEE) said in one of the songs,  "Don't Rain on my Parade", but if they are look to see what you can gain from their rain.

2. What is their motivation.  The easiest way to feel better about ourselves is by comparison to those that are in worse circumstances and some people are very good at doing this. However, focusing inward and striving for our personal best is rewarding way to feel better.

3. Remember that you are in charge of your situation and you should take 100% responsibility for your environment.  So often we think that it is the job, the boss the other person who  is responsible for our plight and we look for another situation  We have lost sight of the fact they have no control, we have the control and we need to regain it. Negative people and circumstances will always be with us. Try to be excited about that. without negative people there cannot be positive people. Do you want a world with no challenges, failures, or heartbreak? If so, you’ll have to deal with a world without achievement, success, and love.

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