Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sonic Boomer not just a Boomer

A friend on Facebook said to me "As long as you are not a sonic boomer! You  could unknowingly break all your windows." and I thought what a wonderful phrase. I love the idea of being a sonic boomer. I do have to say that I find the term is interesting in that the latest KISS Album album is called Sonic Boom "Kiss are what they are and Sonic Boom is what the title implies: an explosion of rock and roll. That’s why legions of weirdos and people from upstate New York have held their collective breath in anticipation of these songs for over ten years. They knew what everyone else had forgotten, that Kiss wrote the book on feel good rock music. If you are still not sold on this belief system check out “Say Yeah”—you’ll be converted around the first “Oh Yeah.” from a review by Matthew Chernus.

Ernie, I suspect you are a sonic boomer, I will strive to become one. I know I want to break the windows that house the paradigms of how I view life and how others view the boomers. The Sonic Boomers will not just be an explosion of Rock and Roll but an explosion of life energy designed to shake, rattle and roll society into a new understanding of what life after 60 is all about.

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