Thursday, July 22, 2010

Golf and other interesting pasttimes

Over the last eight years or so, I have embarked on  a summer golf journey with some of my friends. The core of the group has been doing the summer trip for 26 years, so I am a relative newcomer. I enjoy the time with the guys for a week of golf, fun and relaxation.

Over the years the size of the group and the membership of the group has varied from 12 to abut 18 guys, and the issues we discuss, debate and solve have changed over the years. None of the issues we discuss resolve around current politics, religion, or other pressing issues in the news.  We talk about old friends,  family, new friends, relationships, how our golf game went that day. The day to day politic of live is swept away in a river of  fun and friendship.

After the trip it takes a while to recover and to want to think about playing golf again, but that time is now, so tomorrow we are off to face the latest challenges on the course, on the course we can focus on being with good friends, trying to best oneself and enjoying the wind, sun and scenery.

Since returning from this years trip, I have been busy catching up on my reading--not the readings I have to do for the university courses or the school courses, but reading for pleasure. I have rediscovered my love of reading that I had as a teenager.

When I was a pre-teen and young teen, we came to town once a week to get groceries and other supplies but we always stopped at the regional library and I remember loading up with books, (Science Fiction and mysteries were my reading pleasure of the day) and I remember with excitement opening the book and staying up late to finish the latest chapter/or book.

Reading for pleasure was a highlight of my life for many years, but as I grew older and focused on work, I lost the pleasure that reading brought to me. I enjoy the break away from responsibility that being on the golf tour brings and the week after that allows me to catch up on my love of reading.

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