Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BC Lions game

On Saturday a group of friends went to see the BC Lions play Edmonton at Empire Field. I remember when I was young going to the old Empire Stadium in October and November to watch the Lions play. Nostalgic memories of time with parents enjoying the game. Later I went to several games when I was at SFU, again great memories of being with friends, enjoying the game.

It is funny how in the memories the cold is shuffled off to a minor annoyance.  I am not sure I would go again to a Lions game if the game was outdoors,  in the fall. Not because the Lions played like a team who had no energy, or will to win but because of the cold.  I was warned by one of my friends to dress warm, so I layered up, putting on two pairs of pants, two shirts, a jacket and two pairs of socks. I did forget my gloves and my hat so I was able to experience the chill of the night.  Two of my friends did not layer up and as a result by the end of the third period, they were very cold.

As we are not fanatical fans we made the statement that if Edmonton scored on the next possession we would leave and head back to the pub to watch the rest of the game. As luck would have it Edmonton did move down the field, then BC recovered the ball. So our statement was changed to "If BC does a 2 and out we will be off to the pub" that did happen. By the time we got to the pub for a coffee, the game was tied and into overtime. Our thoughts were to a man, we still made the right decision to get warm and we watched the game from the pub.

Now it was not that cold only about 5 degrees Celsius, and I know that my relatives in Edmonton and Regina are laughing now as they experience games in much colder conditions.  What can I say I am a Wet Coaster and I like the warmer weather and do not venture out much in the cold. When I was younger I skied and loved the cold, but I dressed correctly and embraced the elements. Today I would rather embrace the fireplace and watch the frost gather outside the window.

For those of you out there that are BC Lions die-hard fans, we lost and I don't think we deserved to win and I can hardly wait for the new stadium to be built..

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