Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall a beautiful time of year

When I wake up in the morning, the first sight that greets me through my bedroom window,  is the stunning vibrant red of a Maple Tree that is turning; if the sun is up the leaves dance in the sunlight as the dew sparkles and dries.

As I walk along the Fraser River on my daily travels the tree leaves rustle to awake my senses, the oranges, melt into the reds, hugged by the yellows, are kissed by the evergreens swaying in the wind.  Some days the river runs backwards and the logs float back to the interior and the river is dark blue, on other days the river runs into the sea, the logs rush to the ocean and the river turns a shade of brown. Every day is different as was today

Today,  as I walked toward the pier, the sun caught the leaves of the Willow, floating like a spider's web in my path. Rising in the middle of this web, rose the middle tower of the Port Mann Bridge. I stopped and my mind wandered back to my youth.

I noted the sky as it turned from red to orange with purple and blue hues mixing as the sun started sinking. When I was younger I would watch the clouds form shapes and create plays for my mnd; I let my mind continue to wander back and as I watched the shape of a Grizzly Bear arose from the clouds with an arm outreaching. The Bear I thought was trying to capture the sun and hold back the storm clouds which were forming.

The wind picked up and I heard drops of water settling on the river, which had been silent and still but as the water spread like drops of salt spilled on the table, the river sprang to life and started to chase after the bear, the sun and the dream. Every day is different. Fall on the West Coast is a wonderful time of year.

Imagination, is a wonderful tool, use it, pass it on to your children and your grandchildren and let them glory in building their own cloud dreams.

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  1. I love the fall as well, such a sense of change in the air. I enjoyed reading your post, it is very descriptive and creative. Great job!

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