Friday, December 3, 2010

Retail service in the worst way

I recently had a flat tire and because of the road conditions had to drive for a while with my tire flat before I could pull over and change the tire. Doing this and my subsequent adventure in trying to fix the tire was an expensive lesson. I had bought the tires last June at a Tire Store called Discount Tire, in South Surrey, a member of the Alliance Tire Professionals. My first mistake, thinking of price over service, rather than looking at both price and service.  It took me a few days to get down to the shop and my experience was less than satisfactory. I became frustrated (My second mistake) and allowed my frustrations to speak rather than my normal manners (my third mistake).

The owner told me they could not help as they did not cover road hazards, which I expected. I thought I could buy a new tire but I was told the tire I had was on order, so I was out of luck. No mention of getting another similar tire or other suggestions to help, just the response no we cannot help you today. My frustration was clear, but rather than acknowledge this the owner said, take your business and f**k off, we will not deal with you any more.

 It appears to me that this company wants its clients to listen passively pay their money and not vent or express any displeasure with lack of service. So I now assume that they will not honour any of the warranties on the new tires, so the tire rotation, needed is something I have to do myself, and if I get a leak or a flat, they will not repair the leak under the warranty.

What did my show of frustration cost me: more time to find another tire shop that will give better service, more time and energy to rotate my tires myself, the recognition that I allowed my emotions to rule a business transaction, which was a foolish thing to do and the realization that being nice to people is better than being mean spirited.

What did it cost Discount Tire: nothing but the money I would have paid for a new tire.

My advice if you live in the South Surrey area, and you want service, integrity, honest help,when shopping for tires,  then do not shop at Discount Tire or any of their affiliates under  the Alliance Tire Professionals as you will get a cheap price, but your follow-up service may be non-existent and so my hope for this small business is that you understand that people can get frustrated and telling them to f**k off and take their business elsewhere is not good business practice.

I went to Kal Tire and they had the tire for me the next day,  the staff were courteous, friendly and helpful. I phoned and was told my tire would be ready in an hour, so I went to the shop about an hour and a half later. When I arrived the manager told me I would have to wait another hour, I explained I had phoned, and that I was told my tire would be ready.  He immediately had someone look after me. They not only put my tire on, they polished all three tires, and cleaned my windshields.  Super service and I would go back in a blink of an eye. I also paid less for my replacement tire than I did for the original, so it is possible to get good service and cheap prices.

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