Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moving On

I am into may  last few weeks of teaching. I have been working as a teacher for 37 years. I retired in 2006 and came back two days later,  as a teacher on call to satisfy the requirements of the University of Phoenix and myself. Part of what make the UOP a great university is the requirement that if you are working at the UOP as faculty you need to be employed in the field you were teaching.  I also love teaching and in 2008 when I was given the opportunity to come back full time I jumped at the opportunity and I have enjoyed the past two years very much.  In the meantime life moves on and I have to move with it.

I had decided, in Sept that I probably would not finish another year, so I took the opportunity to lay back and let the system take care of me and I became a Priority teacher, teaching on call. This meant I have a new assignment every day without the commitment to students, school or admin. The best of teaching as I can work with students and not worry about the politics of teaching or the burden of assessment, evaluation and reporting. However, I am a young teacher according to my new contract with only three years experience so I have no right to ask for long term leave, (which I found out, when I applied for it) as that right is reserved for senior teachers. I no longer have a need to work, as the UOP has closed their Vancouver Campus and my desire for teaching in the schools has declined. I knew that when I was told I did not qualify for leave, I felt annoyed, not upset. January 31,2011 will be last day as a teacher in the Surrey School District.

The District is a good place to work, the teachers are dedicated, the admin is competent and focused on the children and the school board is well managed.  I am looking forward to life's next adventure and have not regretted any of my time as a teacher.

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