Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travelling and Time Shares

We have owned a timeshare since 1992 and I think they are a very good way to save on accommodation and to get some really nice places to stay when visiting other parts of the world. When asked by my friends whether they should consider the idea of a timeshare I always say "yes!" but with a caveat "Never buy a timeshare on the retail market, always buy on the wholesale market." We belong to a timeshare called WorldMark, which was one of the first point system clubs and which has over 60 resorts to choose in addition to having an affiliate club in the South Pacific which has over 15 resorts available to us. In addition the club is affiliated with RCI (Resort Condominiums International), so has members we have access to resorts the world over. We have used our timeshare every year since we purchased and we will continue to do so as we drift more into the idea of retiring.

If you are interested in purchasing a time share I strongly suggest you search and look at companies such as Sell my Timeshares Now or Timeshares for Sale by Owner (specializes in WorldMark Sales) as you could find Timeshares or sale for as little as $1.00 (one dollar). Our Timeshare cost us about $17,000 and now if you go buy a WorldMark timeshare on the retail market it could cost you up to $45,000 however on the wholesale market or resale market you could buy one for between $12,000 and 15, 000.

I recommend Timeshares as the way to go for travelling but be smart when you buy them.  I also recommend that you check out the following sites before you purchase your first time share Timeshare Users Group and TimeShare Resale Fraud

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