Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Election and Boomers

I was reading Excited Delirum one of the Progressive Bloggers I follow after the Vancouver Canucks won their 7th game. I was interested in the following idea posted on April 26 entitled MayDay 2011: New Seat Projection and I thought as a boomer I should respond with my ideas:

The Boomers are a totally different gang of voters that many haven’t really spent enough time analyzing. This is the year that MANY Boomers will hit the age of 65 and would like to start retiring. However, 
(I agree that  many of my generation will not start retiring yet, and that we have been overlooked by the media as a force, not only in this election but in the reshaping  of what Canada will look like over the next few years.)
  • Many can’t retire yet. I would suggest that while many cannot retire, many of us don't want to retire, if it means stopping work, We still want to contribute to society, and many of us see the only way to do this is through our work. We have not yet learned how to make the transition from work to other ways of contributing to society.
  • Many don’t own businesses any more – mainly because they’ve sold off their businesses or never owned one in the first place – so they shouldn’t care about corporate tax rates. You are correct many have not owned or have sold off their businesses, but many of us care about corporate tax rates, we believe that corporations should pay their fair share and should not be given tax breaks without conditions. We also have seen the idea of Trickle Down Economics in our lifetime and we know it does not work. We will support the party that demands that corporations pay their fair share and contribute back to society.
  • Many don’t have kids in school, so they probably don’t care about education. While we don't have kids in schools, we have grandchildren in schools and we worked hard for our own education, taking on heavy debts while doing so. As a result many of us see the advantages of having a good education system and are willing to pay for it at all levels and are willing to support the party that will help our grandchildren get a good education without going into the kind of debt we went into when we were young.
  • Many may feel the need to re-awaken their political destiny that they embraced in the 1960s when they came of age, but neglected in the 1980s and onward as they turned inward to their own interests. I agree that many of us still believe in the concept of a 'juust society" and hate the narrow minded attitude of the current Prime Minister and his party.
  • Many have lived their lives accumulating debt, so they’re not too worried about passing even more debt on to their heirs.  I have to disagree with you on this concept, many of my age group are working hard to get out of debt for two reasons, the first so we can enjoy our retirement and the second is that we really do not want to pass on huge debts to our children and grandchildren. We may not want to leave them any debts, but we also do not want to leave them too much money:-0
  • Many are seeing their twilight years with the Harper-lead negotiation of the Health Act and they are scared shitless. Many of my generation do not like the idea that as Canadians we need to look out for only ourselves. We like the idea that as a society we can protect and help each other and remain a compassionate and just society. Stephen Harper believes that the individual must make their own way, with our help from the state, many of my generation disagree. With a Conservative majority, we are afraid we will become a less compassionate and more angry society. That is the fear.
As a result, my prediction is that many of the Boomers will vote for the party that they want to see negotiate the Health Act. My prediction – weak as it may sound – will be a mix of Liberal and NDP representatives.   Even though I disagree with some of your points above, I have to agree with your prediction on what we should happen on May 2 and I hope some of my readers will start to follow your blog

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