Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally a clear difference

Congratulations to Adrain Dix, I hope he does well in his battle against the BC Liberals in the upcoming months. I and my family supported Mike in his campaign for the leadership, and we were disappointed with the results. However, the people of the party have spoken, so it is time to put aside disappointment and focus on the job at hand, which in my mind is to restore social programs that have been systematically destroyed under 10 years of Liberal rule in BC.  I agree with Harvey Oberfeld when he says in blog Keeping it Real:

Clark will represent the establishment, the big business corporate community, the investor side of the resource industries, real estate and yes, the owners/managers behind the big mainstream media. Her message will be not to rock the boat economically, not to scare off investment and not to turn over the province to the unions.
Dix, with his clearly stated goals of raising taxes on banks and big business to fund expanded social programs is as different from Clark as day is to night. His will be a message of social justice, more breaks for low-income, seniors and middle class families. with a shift of more of the tax burden from individuals back to big business.
It will be a great battle!

As the Battle has started already for the hearts and minds of the voters of BC (Provincially as well as Federally) I would urge people to read  BC Mary blog The Legislature Raids .  On April 18th, 2011 she posted a great article, entitled Liars, liars. How to disrupt and destroy Parliament. Contempt? Oh yes.

This is a a great post and a reminder of that speaks to the methods the establishment will use to try and win your hearts and minds. As Boomers, we need to remember we have seen this all before albeit in the US under Nixon, and Bush and remind ourselves that a just society is worth the fight.

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  1. I really liked John Horgan. However, the BC people have been reassured, by the candidates, they are more than willing to work with Adrian Dix. Dix certainly will put the people and our province first, that we know. The BC people haven't had any of, the BC Liberals care a jot about us, for ten long, dreary and hard years. The province and the people have been thieved, right down to the bare bones. We are taxed so badly, thousands of BC people, aren't left with enough money to live on.

    The BC Liberals, have been the most corrupt government, in Canadian history. That will never change. Because, Christy Clark is trying to build on top of, all of the old lies and corruption. The corrupt sale of the BCR, still rankles, and Christy isn't so squeaky clean on that subject either.