Friday, April 15, 2011

update on the Granny Snatching story

Two links that update this story and show you how badly the situation has become since this story became public. First go to for an update from the reporter who first broke the story, "By way of an update I am about to tell you how badly things there have gone since media attention focused on Broadmead and Mrs. Palamarek. This isn’t pretty."
then go to Northern Insights for  more on this story “I don’t understand why I just can’t go home,”

Sometimes public scrutiny pays off, it appears this time that evil is winning and the elder abuse continues with government, police and court approval.  Hopefully this will change soon


  1. Check this story out on Harper announcing yesterday that he’ll “crack down” on elder abuse. (see below) I think this is just PR nonsense designed to make people think Harper is "tough on elder abuse".

    If Harper's so tough on elder abuse he should do something now to get this woman in Victoria out of that disgusting nursing home.

    I think we should all, each one of us, contact every Conservative candidate we can and insist they live up to their ideas now. After the election, we will have zero influence on them or on this situation. And contact other party candidates too. What’s their policy, what will they do to help this woman?

    Ask Harper if his “crack down” on elder abuse includes cracking down on institutional elder abuse and abuse by public agencies and authorities. Or do they get a pass?

    This woman’s desperate plight is giving Canada another international black eye:

    Here’s the story on Harper’s “crack down”.

    Harper vows elder abuse crackdown

    CTV news - April 15, 2011

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper began Friday by announcing a Conservative government would crack down on those who commit crimes against seniors.

    Harper made the announcement in the Thornhill riding of the Greater Toronto Area with a backdrop of seniors -- one of his key target groups in the election.

    He said a re-elected Conservative government would ensure that the Criminal Code of Canada includes a provision to add age to the list of aggravating factors courts must consider when issuing a sentence.

    Effectively, the provision would mean that those who commit crimes against the elderly could face tougher sentences than those who commit equivalent crimes against non-seniors.

    "Elderly Canadians are among the most vulnerable members of our society," Harper said. "We must protect our seniors and ensure that criminals who prey on them are punished appropriately."

    With two weeks to go before the federal election, all the party leaders on Friday are visiting ridings from east to west where they hope to shore up support or make new inroads.

    After starting in Thornhill, part of the vote-rich Toronto area where the Conservative leader has focused much of his campaign, Harper was scheduled to fly to Saskatoon, Sask. before winding up his day in Vancouver.

    The GTA is widely considered to be the key to the majority government Harper is seeking. He has spent much of the campaign courting ethnic and religious groups in a bid to gain new seats in the region.

  2. Thank You, if you have not already done so, I suggest you read BC Mary's blog ( posted on April 18th, she posted a great article, entitled Liars, liars. How to disrupt and destroy Parliament. Contempt? Oh yes. The information you posted is right out of the playbook BC Mary talks about.