Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the current Canadian election, fear has been the driver for the two main political parties. The Conservatives started months before the election demonizing the leader of the Liberal Party, and it worked. When the election was called, it appears that Michael Ignatiff will not have time to rebuild his image. The Conservatives also tried to put the fear of god and eternal damnation (through the invocation of a coalition of the left of center parties) into the minds of the voters if they voted another minority government. The Liberals used fear of the loss of democracy and the "hidden agenda" of the current leader of the Conservatives.  It appears to have worked, as the polls show that the Conservatives may not get their majority. In creating both of these fear campaigns, the parties focused on the leaders and I think the voters bought into this idea moving toward us toward an American style election process, where leadership is very important. In our form of Democracy, the leader has some importance, but Canadian voters have usually looked at their local candidates closely.

By using the media to create fear and to focus on the leadership the two old line parties and their supporters mostly  forgot about the NDP. As the fear of a Harper majority took hold for the left of center voter, many of them looked around for an alternative. Unfortunately for the Liberals, their leader had not been able to fend off the negative ads set up by the Conservatives. So the swing to the other left of center party has started. It stated first in Quebec, because the Bloc and the NDP have very similar policies on social issues. It appears that the support for the NDP is growing and the Liberals are about to collapse not only in Quebec, but across Canada.

As a result the fear campaigners are out in full force with power of the main stream media on their side. The attack ads, the attacks by reporters at press conferences is very interesting and sad to watch. The right wing and the extreme right wing in Canada are very nervous at this time.

Having said all of the above, I think we now have another fear being raised for the voters, and that is the scepter of a "SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT" with as I heard one right wing broadcaster say on Sun Media, "Wacko Jacko" will destroy Canada with all of the dangers that would bring to Canada.

The question is do the right wing factions have enough time to counter the "Orange tide" that is sweeping Canada. I suspect they do not, but I believe that they will have enough time to slow down the movement.  Fear works, and the fear brigade is out in full force, watch TV, listen to the right wing nuts on the radio, and watch their fear mount using social media. We should be afraid, not of the NDP but of the right wing who are desperately trying to stay in power.

So I am not as optimistic as I should be with the rise of the NDP, because we have conflicting fears competing for the voters attention. I hope, but do not hold my breath, that the voters will not listen to the fears of the right wing that are now being hurled around the airwaves and social media and will vote with their hearts and heads for the NDP.

I am going to  predict the following outcome after Mondays vote. The prediction is based on my belief that voters will be swayed by the current fear tactics.

Prediction:  Conservatives 139; Liberal 87;  NDP 60, BLOC 21; Independent 1, Green 0

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  1. Harper gave banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's billions of our tax dollars. I saw that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. Harper also gave them huge tax reductions. He just gave the ANOTHER tax reduction, which will come off Canadians paychecks. Why is Harper thieving out tax dollars, to give to the wealthiest company's in the world? Our tax dollars belong to us. Harper has no right to give our money to these greedy corporations.

    Harper's Conservatives are still in contempt of Parliament. Harper had Conservatives storm Guelph University, to stop students from voting. The even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Harper had a 3x convicted felon working for him. This is still Canada yet, Herr Harper. You should keep your henchmen at bay.

    If Harper wins, be prepared to kiss our country good-bye. He has an evil agenda.