Monday, June 13, 2011

More Sleep tip ideas

30. Keep the Room Dark
Not everyone has the privilege of sleeping at night. Many people work an afternoon or night shift, forcing them to sleep for at least part of the day. If you are one of those people, keeping the room dark will help you get a better sleep. Hang dark colored towels or a blanket over the window. If there isn’t a curtain rod, use duct tape to keep it close to the wall and no sun rays peeking in around the corner.

31. Close the Curtains For Privacy
Not only do curtains keep sunrise from waking you up too early, they keep wandering eyes away all night long! When the curtains are shut, you won’t need to worry about peeping toms or potential burglars in the night. If they can’t see what’s in your room, they won’t want to break in. If you can feel relaxed about that, then you can sleep easier during the night. If your night of sleep happens to be in a hotel, take a clothespin to keep the curtains shut.

32. Brush Your Teeth
A fresh mouth is a happy mouth. A happy mouth makes for good breath. Good breath and good hygiene habits help you sleep better. Why? How many times have you climbed into bed exhausted, only to open one eye and remember you didn’t brush yet? You debate on getting out of your comfy spot or living with the goo feeling on your teeth. Instead of laying there and having a debate before falling asleep, brush them before you are too tired. Keeping your teeth and gums will keep you healthy too!

33. Wash Your Face
Whether you wear makeup or not, clean pores feel good up against that pillow. Scrub your face clean with a little soap and water before retiring. It not only makes you clean, it keep your skin healthy.

34. Go to the Bathroom
You’ve fallen into a great dream. You’re just about to….you get the urge. The urge to go to the bathroom. Remember to go last thing before bedtime, so you won’t be bothered in the middle of the night. Being able to sleep a straight night’s sleep is much better than an interrupted one.

35. Feed the Pets
In order to get a good night’s sleep, you not only need to care for yourself, but other in your household. Before or during your nightly routine, take care of the pets in the family. Give the cat his scoop of food, put a carrot in the guinea pig cage and add a sprinkle of food for the goldfish. Keep everybody from having cravings for a midnight snack – and waking you up in order to get it.

36. Let the Pets Out
Just as you need to keep the pet’s bellies full, make sure their bladders are empty too. Let the dog outside right before you crawl under the covers. If he has a late night potty urge, the whining will get you out of bed in a hurry. Avoid the pit call, push them out the door a little early and have a good night’s sleep.

37. Make a List of the Next Day’s Projects
Do you have nights where you lay your head on the pillow, only to have your mind race? Thinking of what needs to be done in the morning, the phone calls you need to make and the errands you have to run. Hectic lives can make for restless sleep. Make a to do list the night before so you have no worries when you lay your head down. Worry about the list in the morning. Sweet dreams.

38. Lock the Doors
No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, make it a practice to lock your door at night. When the inevitable creaks and squeaks go bump in the night, you don’t need to worry if your house is secure. Rest easier knowing the doors are locked tight.

39. Turn Off the Lights
Naps are good during the day, but to get a full sleep, most people do it at night. In the dark. Leave a nightlight on near the bathroom or in the kid’s room, but leave your room dark. Turn off all of the lights, shut down any electronic devices that flash lights and crawl under the covers. Don’t forget to close the curtains or blinds all of the way so those early morning rays don’t peek in.

40. Follow a Routine
Establish a routine and try to follow it everyday. It doesn’t have to be any task in any particular order, just stick to it as many days as possible. Following your routine will make your mind settle in to a pattern. When you reach the end of the routine, it’s time to sleep a peaceful night’s sleep.

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