Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleep tips Part 3

21. Have Fluffy Blankets
Fluffy blankets help you get a better night’s sleep for a couple reasons. One, if they are fluffy then their material is an open weave, which allows for breathing. When material breathes, it releases hot air and you won’t overheat. A fluffy blanket will also be soft and feel good against your skin. It’s hard to sleep well at night if you are constantly being scratched by the blankets.

22. Wear Comfy Pajamas
Silk, satin and other material always looks good, but it may not be the best to wear. Pajamas need to be comfortable at night in order for you to sleep well. Material that is too heavy or doesn’t breathe well can harm your good sleep. Choose cotton blends and material that is comfortable on your skin. Avoid anything that scratches, pokes or doesn’t fit right. Looking good is not an option over having a great night’s sleep.

23. Buy a Good Pillow
Every person has his or her own preference for a pillow style. Lumpy, bumpy, firm or soft – it makes no difference as long as it is comfortable to you. Purchase one with a solid covering so the stuffing doesn’t fall out and make a mess. On the other hand, if it doesn’t have a good covering, buy an extra pillowcase and double stuff it.

24. Have a Night Light
The occasional potty break in the night is bound to happen. When it does, have a little night light in the hall or bathroom so you have enough light to guide your way. A stubbed toe or bruise to the shin is no fun in the dark, and can turn even the perfect beginnings of a good night’s of sleep into a nightmare.

25. Put a Paper and Pencil by Your Bed
Are you one of those people who get the best ideas during the middle of the night? Keep a pen or pencil by your bed with a sheet of paper. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have a great idea, dream or anything important that you want to remember, write it down. Don’t lie in bed and try to drill it into your head to remember. Take the worry out, write it down, and fall right back asleep.

26. Relax Exercises Before You Sleep
Even the most relaxed person will have a stressful day or two now and then. If you are feeling stressed out, but it is bedtime, try some relaxation exercises to calm yourself down. Deep breathing, focusing on one object and relaxing the muscles in your body can chase away the stresses so you can sleep peacefully. The relaxation techniques can be done anytime during the day if you need to unwind or take a breather. They will help you unwind at night and fall asleep quickly, too.

27. Exercise During the Day
Keeping fit is important. However, if your exercise regime is scheduled for after dinner every day, it may affect your sleep patterns. The adrenaline after a good workout pumps through your veins, however it can keep you awake too. Tossing and turning in bed until the adrenaline rush wears off can be tiring. Exercise earlier in the day or hold off until morning so your adrenaline has the proper amount of time to relax.

28. Sit With Your Feet up Before Going to Bed
Propping your feet up before bed not only gives you rest, it improves your circulation. When your circulation is adequate, any swelling that may have occurred during the day goes down also. If the swelling is bad, it can make your legs throb during the night and make for a fitful sleep until the swelling does go down.

29. Set an Alarm Clock
Don’t rely on your natural alarm clock to get up in the morning. If you have an important meeting, make sure to set an alarm clock for the appropriate time. When the alarm clock is set, you won’t have to worry if you will wake up at the right time or not. An alarm will take the guesswork out and you can rest easy, all night.

30. Keep the Room Dark
Not everyone has the privilege of sleeping at night. Many people work an afternoon or night shift, forcing them to sleep for at least part of the day. If you are one of those people, keeping the room dark will help you get a better sleep. Hang dark colored towels or a blanket over the window. If there isn’t a curtain rod, use duct tape to keep it close to the wall and no sun rays peeking in around the corner.

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