Monday, February 27, 2012

Passion is the key

This month we celebrated Valentines day which is a day for lovers, but also a day for many singles to think about their lack of a partner and as we move toward the 29th this may be forefront in some peoples minds. Leap year is the time when lovers can reunite or when singles can find true love. As we think about this we have to think about passion. Passion for life is, in my mind, the most important aspect to consider at this time of the year.

Passion for the adventure of life can be seen in toddlers and infants. Every minute of every day there is a new experience to be tried--watch an infant learning to walk, or seeing a new item in the room. The smiles light up their faces as they get ready to explore, create and experience what the new will bring.

As we get older, we loose site of the joy we experienced as toddlers, we need to get it back. My generation is moving into a new cycle of life and perhaps we need to reach back and bring forward the joy of experiences we had when we were young. I talked to a friend the other day about why he was returning to work. He stated that when he first retired, he found himself sitting in front of the TV wasting away. He said that he had been told find your passion and explore this when you retire. His statement to me was that he had no passion. He liked all sorts of things, golf, travelling, reading, music, money, but he could find no passion in anything. So he decided to return to work so he could make more money and spend this money on the things he liked. I thought about what he said and it made some sense. However, when he was working he did appear to have a passion for his craft and build a very strong program because of his passion for his area.  Passion attracts others, as they want to experience the joy you feel.  Perhaps in time my friend will find his passion again. I hope so.

As we think about friends, lovers and family at this time of year, I suggest you consider what your passion is and how you can ignite it once more.

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