Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boomers and protest

I always wondered why Dentists and Dental Hygienists talk to you when your mouth is full. The last time I  went forf my checkup, the process was easy and the Dental Hygienist (she) talked about the Olympics, the tolling of the Fraser River crossings and the new Port Mann Bridge. Interesting how some people need to walk a fine line about expressing their opinion and not seeming to be politically on one side or the other.

I watched part of an MSNBC special on Baby Boomers and thought, the media is finally catching on that this generation is reaching a stage in life that requires a focus on health care and issues around this our concern for good continuing Health Cazre. The special dealt with the American situation and their problems with Health Care. In Canada, we have issues with Pension reform. The neo-conservative governments in BC and Ottawa are still strong believes in the trickle down theory of Economics that did not work in the 80's and will not work today. The government in BC used its political majority to force closure on the debate of the HST and then lost a vote to keep the tax.

Boomers who are retired and who are trying to save for retirement are  two groups that were hurt by this tax. Boomers learned how to protest in the 60's against perceived or real injustices and as the governments fiddle around with not moving fast enough on pension reform and putting in place consumption taxes, the Boomers are starting to reawaken their skill sets on how to protest.

The next few years will be very interesting in the world of politics if the politicians don't understand that Boomers have all of the power and have had for the last 65 years. We are a force that shapes society now and our needs are those that need to be paid attention to and those who don't understand this will loose their power. The Harper government has started to launch an attack on Health Care and Pensions, I wonder if the Boomers will buy the arguement about the tax shift from corporations to citizens when they see the reduction in services and in pensions that will soon be here.

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