Friday, April 13, 2012

Stories around the fire

Thinking about stories around the fire, as I watch the flame, it is in constant movement. So is it with my soul, my mind and my senses, my body. These are lways in constant movement, and so is everything around me. In addition, like the fire we humans have energy
 Life is full of stories that we create. Our reality is created out of events that unfold around us and the way we interpret, the events create the story of our life. We create stories for our friends, our family, and ourselves. The stories we create and which our mind accepts reinforce our view of the world and as we believe the stories we create, we feel the emotional sensations inside us. The stories that create an emotional sensation within us, also create patterns within us. Some of those patterns are positive and some of the patterns are negative. So when we are aware of the negative patterns we use therapy, rehab, diets, whatever to try to  kill these negative to get back into balance.
The problem may be that since it is just a story that we  have bought into we are only addressing the symptoms not the cause of being out of balance. Perhaps we need to change the story to see a new reality. Change the reality and our senses and feeling, which help create the patterns that threw us out of balance will move us toward balance
 Everyone has a story, where there is life there is a story, the question is what sort of story do you have? Is your story created out of the environment you find yourself in or is your story one that is created through understanding and conscious observations without judgement?
 I have noticed from observations that everything in this world is about maturity. The flowers grow and then blooms, so does consciousness within us. People who are moving toward consciousness have a transformation within; they start to understand the subtle energies that surround us, their minds begin to absorb the vibrations of energies around them. They begin to create images within that are developed and new stories begin to be created and believed.

Stories may be begin as streams of sounds, or images, or words passing but what they do is force us to begin to  question ourselves. As we question we make decisions about which stream, which story should be tapped into, which story should be continued, which should end. If you observe people, you will begin to understand what stories they may have bought into for their lives. Watch how people react verbally, emotionally and physically to the situations they are find themselves in and you begin to understand why for one person they will end up stressed out, depressed, in conflict etc., while another person is not affected

Many people today simply buy into their stories as reality. Is not all life on earth a social experiment? In this experiment, we all know our own truth, so in reality no one knows the whole truth. Freedom of thought is important because with this freedom we can see that everything we see as real is just a moment in time, and we have the freedom to change our truth.

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