Friday, February 1, 2013

How some non boomers see my generation

The following is taken from All About Baby Boomers  © Wings Of Success (My thoughts in italics)

The ideals of this generation created The Boomer’s Six Commandment. These “rules” defined what the baby boomer generation was about and how they lived. Most of those born during this era followed these ideals, but not all. Every generation is defined by the circumstances and experiences they have to deal with. Think about everything that happened in those years: Vietnam War, Civil Right Movement and the Energy Crisis (Birth Control,  rock and roll music, the fall of Russia).

Be trendy and hip. Some think a major problem with the baby boomers is not being able to grow up. This is seen in a variety of ways. There are those who try to reverse the aging problem, which will never put plastic surgeons out of business. Baby boomers sometimes get frozen in their own era, dressing and acting like they have for 20 years. However, there are other baby boomers that move on with the fashion times, wearing and exemplifying what it means to be cool. (This is a jaded view, we are not frozen in our own era but we will not fall into fashion when what we are wearing makes us look silly, but maybe we are wearing these clothes to make fun of ourselves)

Being relevant is important, so accept the changes. Everything moves on and even the baby boomers couldn’t keep the culture stagnant. They learned wisely that it is more lmportant to accept the culture that is changing around them rather than fight it. This can be
seen through many different ideals of the baby boomers.(Change is always good and should be celebrated and we never tried to keep our culture stagnant, but those who study us think we do)

Be an individual. There were so many children born in that time period that it is easy to
lump everyone into one category. However, the baby boomers won’t allow that. Being an
individual is just as important as supporting the greater good. The baby boomers lived Through a time of enormous change and have created radical movements that have transformed this country. (Because there was so many of us, being an individual became and still is important to all of us as it should be to every generation.)

    Create a new history. What happened in the past doesn't seem to matter to baby boomers. Everything they did was done for the first time, at least that is what they all want you to believe. Baby boomers view their generation as a milestone creator leaving no room for any previous generation to have a significant importance. Occasions that happened in the past are just that – history – and have no place their lives. (So we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past by this assessment. Every generation does new things for the first time, that is how humans advance and learn. Boomers may appear to be larger than life to some because there are so many of us, we do however study and learn from the past so we will not repeat the mistakes of previous generations, but when we make mistakes we make them big)

Don’t be a sell out. If you become a sell out, you will lose your baby boomer card. Just because they are living the American dream as white, middle-class folks doesn't mean that is what they feel deep down in their heart. They will always be revolutionaries who are willing to change a generation at the drop of a hat. (We never were revolutionaries willing to change at the drop of a hat, we were, however  willing to embrace change, if that change made the world a better place--at this point in our journey many of have forgotten this concept but we are slowly awaking to the fact that there are those who are trying to turn back the clock, and we will not allow this to happen)

Always question authority. Baby boomers had a difficult time of trusting anyone older
than them. It meant they wouldn't listen to cops, priests or their parents. This was the care-free  generation who couldn't trust anyone, just each other. Baby boomers didn't follow the rules, they made the rules. They weren't going to be told how to live their lives. (As we move into retirement our leaders--many of whom are younger than us have to remember this is still true we still believe because of our sheer numbers that we make the rules and now many of us do not trust those younger than us :-)

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