Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life goes on....

Even after the thrill of living is gone John Mellencamp

Over the past few weeks, I seem to have surrounded myself with people who seem to have lost the thrill of living and are just moving through life. This happens from time to time--as we move through life we create a circle of friends and acquaintances of about 200 people. These people help us keep with the paradigms we have created for ourselves to make living easier.

But from time to time, people creep into our circle without our realizing they are becoming a greater part of our life then they should. For some people life is routine, the joy of living is not part of their routine, but they like to be around people who find joy in life, living and other people. What they do however is suck the energy out of the people who find joy and soon the joyful person is caught in a downward spin, and without great determination will lose their joy of living. I wonder when did these people lose the thrill of living go? I watch my grandson, and my nieces and great nephews, and the thrill of living is alive and thriving in them. I watched Jackie Evancho on PBS and saw a great singer, but also a twelve year old girl, who appeared to be excited about what she was doing. 

When do we lose the thrill of living and life goes on, when do we settle and not become excited about what life means? When do we forget the wonders of the universe and  the beauty of life around us? 

Maybe retirement is a time to recapture the joy and thrill of living rather than settling for what we have had to put up with when we were working to raise a family and make our mark on the world. I know that over the next few weeks, I will be moving the people who have lost the joy of living out of my inner circle, I will do it in a positive way and will move back to finding the joy in life. I  wonder at the joy the small things in life bring me, the sunlight touching the frost on the window, the cat playing with the ball  of string, hearing a bird singing as we wake up, seeing the smile on a young persons face as they delight in the music in the are. These and other small things are amazing reminders of how wonderful life can be for us.

The mark we leave on the world, will not be about our successes in business, but our mark will be with the people that we touch and bring joy and happiness to in our everyday interactions.

Life goes on, keep the thrill of living with you as we pass through the time we are given and be thankful everyday for the opportunities life has given us to bring joy to others and ourselves.

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