Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boycott of RBC - make this a movement

By now there has been considerable outrage (at least on line) to the story published by the CBC about the Royal Banks snub to Canadians. The original post I saw was on Northern Insights and he had an interesting follow-up to his post of April 7th. The post is interesting but the important point he makes is here:

Back to the RBC, which should be stung by thousands of customers fleeing from their greedy clutches, beginning first thing Monday morning.

The bank's response begins like this,

"RBC wants to address media reports and provide clarification. Contrary to allegations, RBC has not hired temporary foreign workers to take over the job functions of current RBC employees."
No, what they did was hire a company who hired temporary foreign workers to take over the job functions of current RBC employees. However, being honest about that would admit that critics and complainers have been correct.

Allison at Creeksite in her post also reinforces the idea that RBC really does think Canadians are stupid and will believe their hype:
Royal Bank of Canada Chief Human Resources Officer Zabeen Hirji explains here that technically it's not RBC that has hired temporary foreign workers to replace RBC employees. No, rather it's that RBC has hired Indian offshore outsourcing company iGATE to do their own hiring as part of RBC's plan to transition RBC IT jobs overseas to India. 
What about government reaction that this is unacceptable?
Oh, says Hirji, we were already in conversation with relevant government departments last week and besides everybody is outsourcing overseas now.

The Mainstream media has not yet and will not challenging the RBC in its lies nor will they challenge the  government on its position.What I suspect will happen is if the public pressure continues to mount, the government will put the issue under review and the mainstream press that supports this corrupt government will slowly ease the story to the back pages (if in fact they cover it all). I also suspect the CBC will be looking at more budget cuts and attacks by the government for doing its job. 

Norms original post is here and my thanks to Norm at Northern Insights for this story that was published by the CBC on April 6th. 

If you bank at RBC they will only feel the pressure if you boycott them and transfer your money to a different financial institute. Consider transferring to a Credit Union. I belong to Vancity so I agree that they can be a good choice, but any Credit Union would also be a better choice then continuing to bank at a company that fires Canadians and hires foreign workers to replace them. 
RBC replaces Canadian staff with foreign workers, CBC, April 6, 2013
"Dozens of employees at Canada’s largest bank are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, who are in Canada to take over the work of their department.

" 'They are being brought in from India, and I am wondering how they got work visas,' said Dave Moreau, one of the employees affected by the move. 'The new people are in our offices and we are training them to do our jobs. That adds insult to injury.' ..."
If this style of business offends you and you are a customer of RBC, visit Vancity or a nearby credit union. They'll help you transfer your banking business and a year from now, you'll wonder why you didn't do it long ago. You'll get better banking services and the community will benefit economically

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