Thursday, April 25, 2013

Does anyone believe in retirement anymore?

Answers to this question by some retirement aged folks:

 Mark believes that retirement is whatever you want it to be. If it means getting away from an uninspiring job and doing what you have always wanted to do, then I believe. I think you figure out how to make it work financially, even if it means making some acceptable sacrifices. I also believe there is no slowing down. There are so many great, fun things to do you should always be active. Except when you decide you just need to rest for a little bit.

I took a leap almost two years ago and left a job that I planned to retire from because a new 30 something CEO was determined to make my life miserable. None of us need that. Been doing some consulting, leadership training and Internet stuff but money has been tight. We have learned many ways to live on less though and we are OK with that most of the time. Still look forward to the day when my dreams to in a little more money though. We are individuals, so retirement planning ought to be personal

Krystina states that to me, the simple description of retirement is the end of working for someone else. If not now, then when, will you find time to fulfill your passion and dream? I saw my Dad retire to the couch...It's never a good time to give up on our appearance, to stop educating ourselves about the world we live in or learn more about ourselves and our part in it.

Ellen states, I think that as we see the clock ticking, the "life is short" phrase takes on more meaning daily as we realize that it's now or never for doing that passion(s). If you have enough financially to get by, then the risk of sticking your neck out and just doing it seems greatly reduced. What's the worst that can happen? You get told no or someone laughs at or rejects your idea? The best that can happen? You write a bestseller and go on a whirlwind book tour. ;) Go for it!

Janey states,  I personally don't want to retire ever. I'm afraid my body and brain will turn to mush. I will eventually slow down and take more time for holidays .

Jan says, I'm just starting a new career as a health coach at age 60, and see this as something I can do for the rest of my life, should I care to. Retire - not an option that I care about at this point.

Doug claims that f you doubt that retirement is good for people, look at the people who take Social Security early versus 65 they receive checks 5 times longer than people who stop everything at 65. A good part time employment will give you a reason to get up and keep your mind active. 

Joanne  says  Retirement is what you make it. What you want it to be. Having said that, I don't recommend stopping work retiring with no plans - with nothing to do. That is going from one extreme to another and is not healthy.
Do something that interests you. It does not have to cost a lot, there are many things to choose from - or try them all. 
I always planned to retire at an early age (and did so from my full-time employment) and now I have a job (my own business) that I thoroughly enjoy, I get to travel, and meet new people everywhere I go. I'm lovin' "my" retirement!

Irene states, I know of those who choose not to retire - money apparently is not the primary reason - because they feel they would have no identity otherwise. I think a strong sense of identity can remain post J-O-B because that identity can be wrapped around what matters most to us now that we have the freedom to choose what to do with our time. In my article,"Retirement planning - it's not what you think," I address what I consider to be advisable retirement planning - and it has nothing to do with finances.

Keith says that having spent 15 years as a financial advisor I can tell you that the biggest reason many people do still want to retire is to get away from a job that's no longer fulfilling. Unfortunately many people have such self-limiting beliefs (i.e - "I could never do that!") that they fail to give themselves permission to follow their dreams. For them, retirement is an easy way out - and it's what they were "supposed" to do
Keith gave what turned out to an inspiring TEDx Talk on this very subject - check it out at

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