Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are you feeling fully satisfied with your life?

Living a more satisfying life is a skill that can be developed at any age, but it requires time, attention, and dedication.

Many of us know people who as they age, claim that they want to be happy, but they live life within the following paradigms
They are as self-absorbed as possible. They try to make sure every situation at work or at home is primarily about their thoughts, their feelings, their welfare.
They see themselves as a victim. Observe that life has conspired against them, view others as the source of their problems and they tell themselves that they are helpless in their particular set of circumstances.
They tend to go over past negative events repeatedly. They dwell on what makes them bitter. They remember how they were hurt in the past and who was responsible. 
People who make these steps a habit are well on their way to a life of dissatisfaction and misery.

So how do you, as you age, not become trapped in a paradigm that robs you of hope and happiness.
First, absorb yourself in your work, friends, family relationships and outside interests.  Move your focus outside. Become absorbed in what you're doing.  Remind yourself what you are trying to achieve. If you don't have personal goals - dreams with deadlines - set some.
See yourself as in control of your destiny. We all have problems and setbacks, but things only begin to turn around when you take ownership of your situation. Then you can begin to move forward.
Focus on what's right with your life. This is a tall order in some cases. Many of us are dealing with unfortunate economic or personal circumstances. Accept that the past is past.  Forgive any transgressors, not for their sake but for yours.  Start imaging how things could improve. Once you can image how things could improve, then you will start to take steps to make it happen.

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