Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow-up to Chicken Manure for the homeless

In an earlier post I talked about the issue of homelessness in my hometown and how the by-law officers had over reacted to he situation. I sent the following email to the Mayor. To his credit after an initial email response from his assistance, he phoned me to explain what actions had been taken by him and the senior management in Poco, to prevent further actions of this type. We had an interesting conversation, and I was convinced that this type of action would not happen again in my city. 

The Mayor and the city senior management should be ashamed of the actions taken, and they are and they have taken steps to make sure this will not happen again. I hope they are correct.

Port Coquitalm (Poco) was in the news this morning for the actions of two by-law officers who spread chicken manure where the homeless camp out in our city.

The by-law manager has apparently apologized. An apology in my mind is not good enough for such a terrible action. My question for you and the manager is what disciplinary action was taken against the officers, and their supervisor and manager for this action?

I do not believe that the officers would take such an action without approval of their supervisor and managers So what steps have you has mayor taken to make sure that city staff is disciplined and that this type of action does not happen again?

Makes me ashamed to live in this community

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