Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giving praise to grandchildren

As a new grandparent, I am learning  about how exciting life is all over again as I watch my  grandson. All of us at one time were excited about life and the new adventures we experienced everyday and I am glad  to have the chance to relive some of that magic. As my grandson learns new skills and demonstrates his love of particular activities I am learning how to give praise that will allow him to learn some patterns of thinking that will help him as he moves through life. Here are some of my thoughts. 


have to help him internalize by saying you should be proud of yourself for what you have done.
need to be specific in my praise
should reinforce effort, not necessarily the end result.
should ask questions about how and why he did what he did and have him explain his thought processes as best as he can
should  interest and reinforce the actions he does
need to give direct praise of the effort used to complete the artwork, or the new activity, not over praise the outcome.
need to say I love you a lot

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