Monday, October 28, 2013

Stories from the Hospital Ward

When I was in the hospital for my hip replacement this month, I had two interesting   people in my ward. The first person was a lady had been attacked by a pitbull the night before.  She was walking home and there were three young men sitting near the path that she was walking on. She did not see a dog but as she walked by a dog lunged at her,  grabbed her hand. The owners of the dog pulled back on the chain choke hold but the dog  held firmly and finally released the hand. The young owner of the dog looked at her as she look at her hand then turned and ran away the third young man looked at her wait a few minutes looked at her hand to see if she was really hurt saw the blood gushing from her hand and ran away. She was a few hundred meters from her home so she went home contact her ex husband came over drove her to the hospital.
Hospitals are interesting   as they have policies and procedures which must be followed. She did not arrive in an ambulance therefore ,she was moved to the back of the cue in the emergency room. When she was finally seen the doctor who examined her said told her that  your hand is probably just bruised. He was going to send her home. She asked for an xray and he allowed that x-ray to happen. When the X ray results came back it was noted that her annual and radius were crushed and that her hand was broken.

 Because she was insistent about the x-ray she was able to have her hand operated upon. The doctor who operated was the same doctor that had operating on my knee and my hip. He is very good. He saved her hand. Here is my concern,  the young men ran away from their responsibility to the woman who was injured and bleeding as they paniked. The hospital treated her with disrespect at first and were going to send her home. She stood up for herself at the hospital. She had the courage to walk home and get help. People may have heard her scream when the dog was attacking but no one came to help. Society is reaching a point where we are ignoring other others who are in distress I find that sad. My question is should we help others who are in distress when we can or at least phone emergency services?

My second ward mate was a man who was injured while he was crossing in a crosswalk on a very busy highway he tripped. And fell and broke his elbow while he was on. The ground drivers who had stopped to let him cross got out of the car help him up took him to the sidewalk another driver phoned the ambulance who brought him to the hospital. The woman and the men were treated differently by the people who saw them in distress. The two individuals who were in the ward with me, at the hospital were both treated differently why the passers by who could help. The young lady was not helped (I say young she was two years younger than myself as so she was in her mid 60's), well the man was helped. I have faith in our society when people go beyond what they need to do in order to help others. We need to continue to be a caring society.

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