Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thoughts on weddings

We recently went to a two weddings one was for a couple that were older and one was for a younger couple. I was struck by differences in the two styles, which may be due more to the personalities of the couples rather than the ages of the couples. 

The first wedding was between a man in his 50's and a young lady in her 30's. At the wedding reception, the speeches and slideshows highlighted the different cultures of the two families, and the focus while on the wedding couple also highlighted the wedding party and the accomplishments of each member of the party. What also struck me as interesting was that there was a lack of single men at the reception while there was a lot of single young women in their 30's in attendance. Weddings are an important milestone in a relationship, the couple has chosen to formalize their relationship and while many do not see the value in the ceremony of marriage, many do.

The second couple were both in their twenties and the ceremony was held outdoors in a field, with close family and friends. The weather held and he setting was unique, and the focus of the wedding was on the wedding couple, the wedding party was not highlighted during the reception. The same situation with respect to the number of single women and single men in attendance applied. Very strange to me that there were not more single men at either event. Maybe women value the ceremony and the pageantry of a wedding more than men.

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