Sunday, December 15, 2013

Travel in Winter

When you're travelling, whether through Canada or abroad, you may notice you have a rosier outlook on life – and why wouldn't you? Many of the responsibilities of everyday life fade away and you get to enjoy all new experiences. Now, new research sheds some more light on the correlation between happiness and travelling, revealing how vacations impact travelers  social media posts. 
Happiness in 140 characters 

A study was conducted by researchers from the University of Vermont who culled large batches of data – about 37 million tweets – regarding the sentiments people express while on Twitter. Then, they analyzed how those feelings changed given how far they moved from their home. Interestingly, the team found that the further people moved from their home location, the happier their tweets tended to be. 

"Expressed happiness increases logarithmically with distance from an individual's average location," the researchers found. 

Although the findings do not pinpoint specific locations as the happiest, there are certain destinations that have proven to be particularly adept at improving your mood if you're in a rut. In fact, researchers from Legatum Institute recently ranked the world's happiest countries, and if you're looking to be surrounded by some of the cheeriest people in the world, Norway is the best choice. But if you are a Canadian hoping to escape the cold then Norway is more likely a summer time destination. 

As we hit the start of winter many of my friends think about packing up and leaving the wet coast of Canada before the snow starts.  Whether you're a first-time Snowbird or looking for a new winter locale, read on for what to consider before you take flight.
  1. Convenience: Considering the cultural similarities between Canada and the U.S. and that Canadians can generally stay south for up to six months out of every twelve, U.S. destinations have always been very popular with the Snowbird.
  2. Weather: Florida remains the number-one destination for Snowbirds but, if consistent sun is your priority, consider Mexico or the cooler but sunny, Phoenix, Arizona.
  3. Affordability: Panama's reasonable cost of living and incentive programs for foreigners purchasing second homes make this Central American country an attractive option.
  4. Ambience and activities: If a beautiful beach and proximity to parks and reserves is your idea of holiday heaven, Samara, Costa Rica, may be where to nest this winter. But if you're as much a city slicker as a nature lover, Tampa Bay or Tucson offer extensive dining, shopping and cultural attractions.
  5. Golf: Those who love the links can't go wrong in Myrtle Beach or California's Coachella Valley

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