Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Retirement facts

The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies has examined retirement attitudes and trends every year since 1998. Its 2013 survey was released this summer. Some highlights (these apply mostly to the United States, but may be interesting for others around the globe as well)
• Retirement confidence is on the rise; 55 percent of workers are “somewhat” or “very confident” about retirement, which represents an increase over the past several years, but it’s still below the 2007 confidence level of 59 percent.
• The majority of workers with household incomes less than $100,000 said they would switch to an identical job at a similar employer who offered better retirement benefits.
• Seventeen percent of retirement plan participants have taken out a loan from their plans; most frequently to pay off debt, followed by paying for an emergency or major expense.
• Nearly 3 in 5 workers say they have a retirement strategy − but only about 12 percent have written plans.
• Nearly 4 in 10 workers expect their standard of living to decrease in retirement and another 4 in 10 expect it to stay the same.
• Only 10 percent of workers expect to receive support from other family members while in retirement.
• Most workers discuss retirement with family and friends either “occasionally” or “never.”
• Workers without retirement benefits are more likely to be women, have a high school or less education, be single, and employed by smaller companies in service and or sales.
• Men and women both expect to rely on 401(k) plans/IRAs as their primary source of income during retirement. Men are more likely to rely on this source. Women are more likely to expect to rely on Social Security.
• Despite difficult economic conditions, the majority of workers still expect to leave an inheritance − to their children or spouse/partne

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