Thursday, March 6, 2014

How the conservatives will steal the next election

More great stuff from Occupy Canada, this time on how the cons are trying to steal the next election.

Easy to download>print>distribute this info graphic in public places, offices, grocery stores etc:

Canada's chief electoral officer says (Harper conservatives) eliminating a registered voter's ability to vouch for another could impact more than 100,000 VOTERS 'The Fair Elections Act' will disenfranchise youth, students, Indigenous people, seniors, low-income people, and other groups who (coincidentally) don't vote Conservative

Harper conservatives 'Fair Elections Act' sure to deprive Canadians of voting rights, experts warn

(RIGGING) Fair elections act would give winning candidate from previous election (Conservative majority) right to appoint polling supervisor

Conservatives 'Fair Election act' changes could muzzle report on probe into 'election fraud' robocalls, lawyer warns

Conservatives 'Election reform bill' will muzzle chief electoral officer, doesn’t address election fraud problems

The Harper government's proposed overhaul of the Elections Act includes elements that constitute an affront to democracy, according to Canada's Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

Election reform 'fair elections act' bill an affront to democracy, Canada's Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand says

NO CONSULTATION WITH ELECTIONS CANADA: "The chief electoral officer has not been consulted, and we heard the minister's comments," said Elections Canada spokesman John Enright. "There's been no consultation on the contents of the bill."


You can find the contact information for your closest Conservative MP here:

You can also search for your MP based on your postal code here:

You can find Conservative MPs on Twitter here:

PETITIONS: Investigate and prevent electoral fraud with a truly fair Elections Act

Stop US-style voter suppression from becoming Canadian law -D

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