Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Find your Explorer Quotient

As we move into late spring and early summer, many of us are getting the urge to travel. Here are some links from the Blog Retire Happy.

The Canadian Tourism Commission has come up with a fun quiz to find out what style of traveller you are.  It is a fun way to match your preferences, personality, and values to the kind of travel you wish to experience.  Are you a Free Spirit or a No-Hassle traveller, an Authentic Experiencer or a Rejuvenator among others? 

I took the quiz and it seems that in the world of explorers, I am a Gentle Explorer.  I  like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings.   I seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown.  It turns out as a traveller I am conservative, reliable, traditional, solitary, selective, discriminating, and fun-loving.

Another Canadian government site that offers a great deal for the traveller is which has lots of useful information.  There is a publication on Living Abroad, the Bon Voyage booklet and even, Her Own Way, aimed at women going solo.  Another on-line publication on this topic is Journeywoman with travel tips and articles helpful to the single woman traveller enjoy her journeys safely.

There are many resources are there for the careful traveller.  The Canadian Snowbirds Association has a news publication that comes out four times a year.  They also have a Travel Insurance Guide, a Travel Information Guide, a Report Card, the Travellers’ Checklist, information on exchange rates, travel tips, and a helpful website.  I have heard so many nasty travel stories of those who did leave home without proper insurance, or were turned down for coverage, or did not fill out the form correctly, that I suggest that people do not leave home without it!  Your doctor’s extra set of eyes on the application may be a good move too.

The Canadian Automobile Association also has lots of relevant information and resources with everything from Roadside Assistance, to insurance, to Trip Tiks, special offers, discounts, vacation packages, and airline and hotel information.  They also have stores or online orders for travel accessories like plugs that work in various parts of the work, luggage, pillows, quick dry clothes, money belts, hats or bags designed  to make you more comfortable and safe while on the road or in the air.

Most airlines and hotel chains have loyalty programs that give the repeat customer a discount or deal.  Some credit cards will give you points toward travel as well as insurance coverage.  Check out the details and do not assume what that coverage entails!  Early sign up or last minute choices can get you a break as well.  Many on-line sites can get you a discount or at least let you know what the going rates are in any location.  

Sites like,,, and many more will give you options for bookings.  They are not without many issues that can arise.  That is why good travel agencies that can insure you and get you guarantees are still very much in business.  That is why travel brokers and group travel can get you what you need cheaper and safer that you can in some instances.  Travel is often a Buyer Beware situation like any other transaction.

So take a look at the brochures, the maps, the on-line reviews, find out your travel EQ, and dream on or get on the road.  Any travel plans for this summer? Any tips?

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