Friday, April 18, 2014

How do you market to Boomers?

Boomers are a big part of the consumer market, but they are not being reached by many businesses because they don't understand how to market to us. If you have a need to reach my generation  and need help I would recommend Elisa Wilson Prashad who is a Toronto-based ‘senior marketing specialist’.  Her firm is solely aimed at helping businesses effectively reach boomers and seniors.

While familiar with both traditional and online media, her company's niche is in understanding how to create maximum effectiveness and ROI with older consumers. Having used most media platforms across the country, I can share some real insights into seniors’ consumer
response from each. I understand the drivers and psychogenic issues that are important when selling to this older demographic.

 Here is an article that she wrote on her website, that I think is interesting and insightful

Do you know how to drive Boomers to your business? The Baby Boom generation are now becoming seniors at a rapid pace.10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. What is your company’s strategy to attract this growing wave of older consumers?  Here are some ideas to get you going 

1. SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE –What is a ‘Senior Boomer’? Today’s seniors are active and not at all as frail as previous generations. This as we know is due in large part to better medical care, improved overall health, and advancements in new drugs and disease prevention. These new healthy 'Senior Boomers’ wholeheartedly reject negative stereotypes of aging. Companies need to be vigilant in the way they use language so as to empower this group and avoid turning off potential older customers.

 2. KNOW WHERE THEY’RE COMING FROM - Boomers are worldly, rich in life experience as well as financially. They possess sizeable amounts of disposable income, they are astute life-long consumers and they are looking for the right avenues in which to spend it.
This generation of ‘hippies from the 60’s’, have challenged cultural norms throughout their life. They are now breaking down the stereotypes of aging in Western society. Think about tapping into offering unique experiences to win Boomers over. There’s a good chance you will also retain them as loyal clients.

3. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL– Boomers are a diverse group, all with individual interests, hobbies and convictions. That being said, there are commonalities of this age cohort that once understood, can be used to best target them. As a niche agency that helps businesses succeed with the 65+, Zoomer Marketing creates strategic outreach with a deep understanding of unique psychogenic and physiological issues that are important when selling to this older demographic.

4. YES, THEY ARE ONLINE – Seniors today spend more time on the internet then their ‘wired’ grandchildren. Do you know what the viewing habits of Boomers online are? This is key to winning them over to your business.

Have you thought about how your business will effectively target Boomers in 2014? Zoomer Marketing offers proven success in strategic outreach in a variety of media platforms to create maximum effectiveness and ROI. Visit their website at  and book a complimentary initial consultation to help your business grow its Boomer customers. 

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