Monday, June 23, 2014

Gift Ideas For New Graduates

For those that follow my musings you know that I am a person who found it difficult to make the transition from work to retirement. Yesterday was my last day on the Board of Directors of SHARE Family and Community Services after six years my term ended. I enjoyed my work on the board and am sad to see it ending. So to keep myself busy and to go back to my roots in retailing and marketing, I just opened two Photo Gift Stores online. 

The first is called Magical Gift Ideas, and the second is called  Hummingbird and Butterfly Gifts, each store has an option to allow people to create their own gifts, so from time to time I will create articles that help people make the perfect gift or they could go to either Magical Gift Ideas or Hummingbird and Butterfly Gifts and look at what we can do for them.

Graduating from school, whether it be high school or college, is a major accomplishment. Friends and family often wish to help graduating students celebrate this important milestone. Graduation gifts, both big and small, are a time-honored tradition and a great way to help commemorate the student's achievements. The best gift ideas for graduates become an important part of the student's life for years to come. Here are some ideas or you can check out either  Hummingbirds and Butterfly Gift Shop or  Magical Gifts for more ideas.

A New Laptop

Few gifts are as useful as a new laptop. A personal computer is a necessity in this hyper-connected modern world. High school graduates might fall behind in their future academic pursuits without their own computer. Laptops are great because they offer portability and performance. A laptop can help the student take notes during lectures, or work on schoolwork at the library or in a coffee shop. Having a new laptop to work on will help the graduate to stay motivated in their future studies. Even if the student isn't going on to college, a new computer is a great gift. Without a computer, the graduate will have trouble keeping up with modern society.

A Special Trip

A graduation trip will build lifelong memories and help open the graduate's eyes to the wider world. European tours are a popular option, granting students the chance to see the culture of the Old World first-hand. Another popular destination is Cancun, Mexico, where graduates can experience a taste of tropical paradise before diving back into work or school. Short-term student exchanges are also an excellent idea. Living in a foreign country is an experience most students have never had. Whatever the destination, the graduate will remember his graduation trip for the rest of his life.

A New Smartphone or a Watch Phone

Smartphones are status symbols in addition to essential tools. A new cutting-edge phone will give the new graduate a sleek new tool she can use to impress her new peers. If the graduate is moving to a new city, a smartphone can help her learn to navigate her new environment. Smartphones are great for finding reviews of unfamiliar products or businesses on the fly. Even if the student already has a smartphone, the new watch phone technology is evolving so fast that there's probably a better and more powerful model on the market.

Personalized Photo Album

A photo album filled with treasured memories is one of the best gift ideas for new graduates. A photo album can commemorate the student's life and accomplishments, highlighting favorite moments and forgotten friends. Many printing businesses will help customers put together a customized album with personalized messages and hand-selected photos. Many craft stores also sell supplies to help creative gift givers make their own album to give to the new graduate.

Personalized Jewelry

A special piece of jewelry will become a treasured personal item for the new graduate. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are popular options. Many jewelers are more than happy to prepare personalized jewelry. Popular customization options include the student's graduation date, a short message with special meaning for the graduate, or the name of the gift giver. This custom jewelry can become an essential piece of the graduate's styl

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