Saturday, June 21, 2014

The suppression of science in Canada

The suppression of science in Canada is getting so bad that academics (not raving extremists) are moving past comparing it to Bush's America and are now comparing Stephen Harper's government suppression of science to Stalin's Soviet Union!

Read about the similarities here: 'In the Soviet Era as in Canada: Science Suffers Under Authoritarian Rule'

The New York Times editorial board has accused the Harper government of seeking to "guarantee public ignorance" by muzzling federal Canadian scientists. "This is more than an attack on academic freedom. It is an attempt to guarantee public ignorance."

Harper conservatives Dismantling of Fishery Library 'Like a Book Burning,' Say Canadian Scientists >

Globe and Mail: Censorship is alive and well in Canada – just ask scientists

Toronto Star: Harper government’s muzzling of scientists a mark of shame for Canada

Stephen Harper over the years has apparently styled himself after the former Soviet dictator, utilizing portions of Joseph Stalins' philosophy in order to divide and conquer, in order to keep himself in power.

"Harper's choice of reading material has disturbed even some of his own party members. A senior conservative cabinet minister (who asked that the national post do not release his name) claims that: Harper had "read and mastered" the biography and leadership style of Russia's Communist dictator Josef Stalin, and said the prime minister has adopted some of the same tactics. "He plays people off against one another, he attempts to inspire fear rather than respect, he is unpredictable and he is 100 per cent focused on eliminating the opposition," the senior Conservative explained."

Reference: 'Stephen Harper's reading material', Allan Woods, CanWest News Service, September 16 2006: 

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