Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Best Retirement writers in Canada 2013

I recently came upon this site from the Saskatchewan (my home province) pension plan which contains some good advice on planning for retirement, and I thought I would share it. Back in December the site listed some of the best Canadian retirement writers  in Canada and I am honored to have been selected as one of these writers. I would encourage you as you plan for retirement to take a close look at the other writers in this list and to visit this site.
Week after week we link to these and other fine bloggers who freely share their time and considerable insight with us. To get to know some of these people a little better in 2014 savewithspp.com will present a series of podcast interviews with prominent personal finance bloggers.
Retire Happy. Follow financial expert, author and speaker Jim Yih on Twitter:@jimyih
MoneySense. Follow MoneySense Magazine editor Jonathan Chevreau:@JonChevreau
Boomer and Echo. Follow mother-and-son financial writers Marie and Robb Engen: @BoomerandEcho
Sheryl Smolkin. Follow this lawyer and financial journalist: @SherylSmolkin
Unretired Life. Follow coach, consultant, speaker and author Eileen Chadnick:@unretiredlife
I’m a sonic boomer… not a senior. Royce Shook writes about issues important to Boomers, grandparents and others, who are changing what retirement looks like.
Canadian Dream Free at 45. Follow engineer and financial writer Tim Stobbs on his journey to early retirement: @canadiandream
Everything Zoomer. Follow executive editor and travel writer Vivian Vassos (@vivianvassos) and associate editor and arts and culture writer Mike Crisolago (@MikeCrisolago)
Grey Routes and Tips. Follow travel-for-grownups writer Jane Canapini:@janecanapini

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