Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pensions at a Glance

A report by the Organization for Economic and Community Development called Pensions at a Glance asked some tough questions. Here is part of the report, I thought was interesting

Addressing population ageing will require a much broader view than most governments currently seem to be taking. Retirement incomes are the reflection of employment and social conditions over the life course of each individual. Pension systems alone will not be able to correct inequalities and breaks during working lives. Ageing societies will therefore need much more policy action than just pension reform, and much more strategic thinking: what should our societies of the future look like? How will we deal with the old-age care challenge? What will be the fiscal impact of ageing and what will this mean for social protection systems and the sharing of responsibilities between the individual and the state, between public and private service providers? And how can we maintain solidarity in a context of rising inequalities between and within generations?

Answering these questions will require comprehensive discussions and the design of holistic plans to which the OECD will continue to contribute through its work on public and private pensions and on a range of social and economic policies more broadly

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