Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Retirement Index (Germany)

Germany has increased its ranking in this year’s Global Retirement Index from 9th to 7th place. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, with an important service sector and a strong export-oriented economy specializing in high-end manufactured goods. In conjunction with strong economic fundamentals, it also has a top welfare and health care system. 

In this year’s report, Germany has performed extremely well in the Health sub-index, with improvements in almost  every indicator, such as the number of physicians per capita and insured health expenditure, it is now in 2nd place. Germany also improves its standing in the Quality of Life sub-index, as German policy has continued to focus on environmental issues, having also increased its performance with regards to climate change. 

In terms of the Finances in Retirement sub-index, although increased tax pressures could hinder economic prosperity, low levels of inflation and sustainable government debt, (82% of Debt to GDP ratio in 2014), have contributed to increasing Germany’s standing to 41st
 position, which outperforms the average of the top 30 nations. 

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