Friday, February 20, 2015


A friend of mine from university, who I had not seen for 5 years, phoned me up and we went to lunch. Reunions with old friends is a good way to wander down memory lane. We talked of the present, the near past, friends, and memories from university days. We sauntered down memory lane and talked of things to come. 

Reunions are interesting, I am thinking about them because 50 years ago I graduated high school and started at a brand new university. My friend and I had both had been Charter students at Simon Fraser back in 1965 and had traveled through some exciting and challenging times. He told me that he was thinking of writing a book about those times, from a students perspective. We both had read other books written by Faculty and historians but we both commented that these books did not reflect the university that we knew as the writers had agendas or kept the script politically correct.

Reunions are fun for other reasons, they are a time for checking out the sweetheart who you left, or who left you; finding  friends who drifted away, and a time for wondering what might have been, if I had stayed with so and so. Two friends of mine went to their 50th high school reunion last year and talked about how much fun it was and how they quickly reverted back to their high school personalities. 

I think my high school may have its 50th reunion and as well my university will celebrate its 50th year in operation and if both do this, I will go to both celebrations as I am looking forward to seeing who is still around. 

It was interesting to me to hear my friends talk about about the fact that the majority of their classmates had not left the community, so, it was far easier to catch up as the they had seen people around town over the years. 

At my 35th high school reunion I found out that  I was one of the few people from my class that left my community and I was one of the few that had not returned to live. About 90% of my graduating class were still living in my home town. 

I was surprised, but I did some research and found that people when they retire move back to their roots their home towns.This will  poses a huge challenge to small communities which will have to build the infrastructure needed to care for an aging population.  One that I hope our community is ready for as the boomers move back home.

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