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The following is from Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, the internet's No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month.  Learn more here. I thought it was an interesting read and so I am sharing this.

You won't hear any of this reported by the corporate-run media, of course, but here's a list of some of the most amazing scientific breakthroughs we've made so far:

#1) Discovery of tungsten contamination in rice protein
The Natural News Forensic Food Lab is the first laboratory in the world to have discovered and scientifically documented the presence of alarming levels of the heavy metal tungsten in rice protein products sold in the United States:See research details and results here:

#2) Discovery of high levels of lead and cadmium in certified organic food products
Natural News was the first lab to scientifically document the concentration of lead and cadmium in certified organic rice protein products. Click here for lab results.

Not a single mainstream media organization published a single story about this extraordinary finding. Given that tens of millions of Americans buy and consume organic protein products, the only explanation for this is a deliberate media blackout to avoid recognizing any of the scientific contributions of Natural News, the world's pioneer in this food contamination research.

Even more interesting is the fact that Natural News lab results have now been confirmed by multiple third-party laboratories as well as the protein manufacturers themselves. Our findings are scientifically irrefutable and easily confirmed by any ICP-MS lab, yet there isn't a single online publisher, newspaper, magazine or broadcast news show in America that seems to be interested in reporting on poison in the food. (The only exception being the Doctor Oz show, which featured this research in one of their most popular broadcasts of 2014.) See research results at:

#3) Discovery that flu vaccines contain 25,000 times higher concentration of mercury than the EPA allows in the water supply One of the reasons Natural News is systematically censored by the corporate-run media is because we tell the truth about what's in vaccines. Our ICP-MS laboratory investigation revealed the Flulaval influenza vaccine to contain 51 parts per million mercury.

That's 25,000 times higher than the maximum concentration allowed in public water by the EPA. It's also 100 times higher than the maximum mercury level we've ever found in fish. And these vaccines are being injected into children and pregnant women!

This original scientific research was so alarming to the vaccine industry that the corporate-run media enforced a complete blackout on the story, refusing to even acknowledge the research. In truth, these findings are simple to reproduce in any ICP-MS laboratory. And to this very day, not a single media organization, scientist or vaccine pusher has refuted these findings.

See Flulaval vaccine mercury results at:

#4) The invention of the world's first dietary supplement that captures radioactive cesium isotopes during digestion - could save millions of lives in a nuclear catastrophe
Throughout 2013 and 2014, I invented the world's first dietary supplement that's scientifically proven to bind with and capture radioactive cesium isotopes, including cesium-137.

This research was conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. A pending patent is already on file with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. I've offered a $1 million reward to anyone who can prove this supplement does NOT capture radioactive cesium-137.

Despite the fact that this supplement has the potential to help save millions of lives in a large nuclear disaster (or nuclear war), there isn't a single mainstream media organization that has dared cover this rigorously documented, lifesaving invention. I've even offered to donate this supplement free of charge to front-line emergency responder groups, but so far there isn't a single mainstream media organization willing to announce that humanitarian donation effort. Amazing, isn't it, how the media deliberately interferes with lifesaving humanitarian efforts?

I've published all the charts showing the breakthrough laboratory results of this formula at:

In terms of its importance to humanity, this invention could easily help save far more lives than the much-touted research on an Ebola vaccine. In fact, far more people have been killed by nuclear radiation than by Ebola -- on the scale of orders of magnitude.

See more:

#5) The invention of a powerful heavy metals binding formula that can protect people from toxic heavy metals in foods and supplements
Beyond inventing the breakthrough cesium eliminator formula, I also invented the world's most effective and only scientifically-validated heavy metals binding formula that works during digestion.

This formula, fully explained with scientific charts at binds with aluminum, lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, arsenic and even uranium.

Because it is made entirely with natural substances and not synthetic chemicals or drugs, the entire mainstream media pretends this breakthrough invention doesn't exist. That's how they maintain the medical monopoly in America: by suppressing all scientific inventions that could help save lives and prevent people from needing hospitalization. See details at

#6) The discovery that mercury in fish can be blocked with simple dietary solutions
While the media is happy to report on the dangers of mercury in fish, nobody is telling the public the simple, scientifically-proven solution to blocking mercury during digestion.

I pioneered the research into mercury binding during digestion and published the results for free on Natural News. The bottom line? You can block dietary mercury by eating strawberries, peanut butter or chlorella superfood.

Don't hold your breath on the mainstream media reporting this vital information in the interests of public health, however. Doing so would require them to recognize Natural News as the pioneer in this innovative research into the elemental binding properties of common foods.

#7) The achievement of the world's first voluntary heavy metals limit by an entire industry
I was also the first person to single-handedly negotiate and finalize an industry-wide agreement limiting heavy metals in rice protein. This is the first such agreement to have ever been reached in the history of the United States of America.

You can read all the details of this historical agreement at:

#8) The truth about metal fragments in Wheaties cereal, allowing flakes to be lifted by magnets
Okay, this one doesn't really qualify as a "scientific achievement" but it's a fun science demonstration story with strong educational value for future would-be scientists, so I'm including it here: Wheaties cereal is made by blending a wheat slurry with tiny fragments of iron.

Using a high-powered laboratory microscope, I captured video footage of Wheaties flakes being lifted with an ordinary magnet, showing the small bits of iron metal fragments found in the cereal. This can be demonstrated in science classrooms at schools, by the way, so it's a valuable video lesson to share.

The company that makes Wheaties cereal tosses these metal fragments into the mix in order to claim their cereal is "fortified with iron." Funny, huh? I thought nutritive minerals were supposed to be grown in the plants, not thrown into the slurry as bits of metal.

#9) The shocking video investigation into phosphoric acid eating away tooth enamel
You might remember this one from last year, when I was the first food researcher to film video documentation of phosphoric acid -- used in sodas -- eating away tooth enamel. I don't consider this a big deal "achievement," but rather put it in the category of important science education.

See the video yourself right here:

The full story is found here:

#10) Shocking laboratory results of toxic heavy metals found in pet treats
Finally, my laboratory research also documented shockingly high levels of toxic heavy metals in pet treats. The full results are shown here:

Through this ICP-MS lab research, I documented over 1.8 ppm lead in rawhide treats, almost 6 ppm of cadmium in reptile food, over 500 ppb of mercury in cat treats, over 45 ppm of arsenic in reptile treats, and much more.

Although this well-researched story would obviously be of high interest to the American public, it was utterly ignored by the mainstream media. (Do they not love their family pets, or what?)

By the way, I also scientifically documented heavy metals found in fluoride chemicals as you can see in this story:

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