Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On reviewing the federal Conservative government's Bill C-51....

Mary MacDonald,  a brave woman from Prince George wrote the following  a few days ago, and in her statement she says she is not alone, she is correct and there are many who stand with her, including me.

To save the government anti terrorist troops time I am adding my information to hers so that when the thought police come for us they will know where we stand. Thank you Mary  for your courage. I for one and with you and against harper and his fear campaign.
On reviewing the federal Conservative government's Bill C-51, their "anti-terrorism" law, I see there is a clause that this law is to protect Canada against activities that undermine the security of Canada, including "the interference with the Government of Canada in relation to the economic or financial stability of Canada." I am also aware of the related RCMP document entitled, "Criminal Threats to the Petroleum Industry" which refers to "the anti-Canadian petroleum movement" and refers to alliances by the "anti-petroleum movement" with "violent aboriginal extremists" in BC. I am concerned that this law by Stephen Harper and his government will allow you to conduct surveillance on me because of my ongoing opposition to projects such as Enbridge Northern Gateway oil/ condensate pipeline. To save the tax dollars involved in doing so, here is the relevant information about me:
  1. I have never broken the law other than several speeding tickets as a much younger person;
  2. I love northern BC's wilderness and see the rivers as the life lines of these lands. I don't want them criss-crossed by bitumen condensate pipelines;
  3. I view the north coast of BC as a majestic natural jewel worth protecting from massive oil tankers travelling its narrow inlets;
  4. I have much respect for the First Nations cultures and communities of northern BC and frankly have yet to meet any "violent aboriginal extremists" but rather, people who are profoundly connected with and care deeply for these lands and waters and thus, opposed to Enbridge Northern Gateway and other dangerous projects;
  5. I don't agree with Harper and his government turning Canada into a petro-state and dismissing the need for urgent meaningful action on climate change;
  6. I believe in the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically the right to freedom of expression and assembly and will continue to exercise these rights;
  7. I will stand on guard for thee, Canada, the Canada I love, of wilderness, fresh rivers and tolerance for diversity;
  8. I am not alone.
For the government trolls who read my blog here is my information;
  1. I have been involved in many many protest actions over the last 45 years, they have all been peaceful and most of them would be unlawful under the new terrorist Bill C51  I am happy that I grew up and lived in a Canada that allowed for dissent. 
  2. So I can say that so far I have never broken any law for which I have been arrested or detained , However under the new anti-terror laws I would have been arrested or had my life disrupted or been held without trial or without legal council for any of the following acts  in which I participated. For the record, I have been involved in protesting against the War Measures Act, unfair labour laws, bad environment  practices and I have participated in wildcat strikes, and writing campaigns and signing petitions, and other acts that  were designed to change or influence the government of Canada, by protests which some at the time  were deemed unlawful by a stroke of a pen. These activities fit into the new act under the following provisions "changing or unduly influencing a government in Canada by force or unlawful means"; and "the interference with the Government of Canada in relation to the economic or financial stability of Canada."
  3.  I too love BC, its wilderness, its mountains, its beauty I also love the waterways of BC and the abundance of natural beauty and natural resources that will be under siege when the tankers come to our waters.
  4. I have great respect for the First Nations of BC for their understanding of the importance of the land.  I also have great respect people of Muslim faith, or any other visible minority who may be targeted by the new anti-terrorist act and will fight with whatever means I have to protect their rights under our Charter.
  5. Over the past six years, I have watched harper transform Canada from a land where people respected other cultures and religions to a land where neighbours are afraid of neighbours because of their religious belief or the clothes that they wear. 
  6. I have watched and spoken out both in this blog and on other social media while harper continued attacking our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to get Canadians to believe that his social values should be our values.
  7. Over the last year five years  I have watched as our economy tumbles and Canadians fed lies by the mainstream media, are being told they are better off then they were five years ago, but people know and they feel they are worse off then five years ago that is why they are afraid for their future. 
  8. The government rather than address the economic issues caused by our dependence on oil, has chosen to distract us by scaring us and offering to protect us.  In Canada we do need protection but we need protection from our government. 
  9. My training is as an Economist and I find that harpers claim to be an economist shows me how far the profession has fallen.
  10. In 1972 I opposed the imposition of the War Measures Act and took to the streets along with hundreds of others who did not want to live under Marshall law. History proved us right, the government overreached, but this new bill is worse. 
  11. For the record, I will continue to advocate for a Canada that is respectful and tolerant of all who live here. I like Mary, believe in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the freedom or religion and the right to freedom of expression and assembly and like her I will continue to exercise these rights and protest against those that would take these rights away.
  12. I will continue to  advocate and protest and make fun of those government policies that, in my mind, will destroy the Canada I have grown to love.
  13. I like Mary, know that I am not alone but my fear is that we are part of a growing minority.

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