Thursday, March 26, 2015

Say yes to life

You can have what you want,  if you brave and face what you fear and do what you can to face your fear..  

Being brave is not easy, but doing what you can for yourself is easy. I was travelling and met a young woman that I had worked with a few years ago and I asked her how she was doing. Her reply made me think.

She had just returned from a safari with her daughter--a trip of a lifetime and she was full of life and excited about the trip and she told me some of her adventures. After a few minutes she also said that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had two operations before she went on her trip. She talked about her battles to get her Dr. to take her seriously and how once she won that battle how fast she had been treated. 

She was worried about her husband who she said did not know how to deal with her situation, he like most men wanted to fix the problem, but could not and so he had retreated into work. 

She said he was angry at he system for taking so long to diagnose her and she was a bit disappointed with the Cancer Agency because once she was given the news, she was left on her own, no counselling, no support until she saw her surgeon, which took six months.

After the visit to the surgeon she was offered counselling, support and all the resources she needed. However as she explained that for that six months wait to see the surgeon and she felt alone and with no support except for one friend who had gone through the process.

So after the surgery she had decided to take the safari with her daughter, because she was heading back to more treatment and she also said that they thought she might have bladder cancer or cancer of the kidneys. The bottom line was that her cancer was spreading. 

She could have been sad or depressed but she was not she was looking forward to saying yes to life, she was sure that she would beat the cancer and was looking forward to seeing her daughter graduate from high school next year and taking her on another trip. 

She did not see herself as brave, she was doing what  she needed to do for herself; she was afraid but she was doing what she had to do without complaint and without pointing fingers or blaming others, she is brave.

So what are you doing for yourself to say yes to life?

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