Monday, May 25, 2015

BC is moving to the left of centre

The results of an Insights West poll are based on an online survey of 814 British Columbians conducted from May 7 to 9 and reported by the Vancouver Sun found some interesting results. The margin of error is +/- 3.1 percentage points.

The NDP would win the popular vote in B.C. if a federal election were held tomorrow, according to a new poll, but the party will need to learn from Rachel Notley’s example in Alberta if it wants to turn the province orange.

A new survey from Insights West found that 35 per cent of decided voters in this province would cast their vote for the New Democrats, compared to 29 per cent for the Conservatives and 25 per cent for the Liberals.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair fared particularly well in the poll, earning a 52-per-cent approval rating, edging out Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s 46 per cent and trouncing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 35 per cent.

Some highlights of the Insights West poll:
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives didn't earn a single approval rating above 50 per cent when B.C. voters were asked whether the ruling party is doing a good job on key issues. Here’s where they performed the worst:
  • Government accountability — 71-per-cent disapproval
  • Housing, poverty and homelessness — 64-per-cent disapproval
  • Environment m — 62-per-cent disapproval
  • Health care — 57-per-cent disapproval
  • Energy and pipelines — 56-per-cent disapproval
  • Most likely to support the NDP:
  • Among Vancouver Island residents — 47 per cent of decided voters
  • Among young people aged 18-34 — 42 per cent of decided voters
  • Among women — 40 per cent of decided voters
Most likely to support the Conservatives:
  • Among people over the age of 55 — 36 per cent of decided voters
  • Among men — 34 per cent of decided voters
  • Among people who live anywhere but Vancouver Island — 32 per cent of decided voters
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