Monday, May 4, 2015

Hunger Lives Next Door: Support your local Food Bank

Hunger Lives Next Door:One-in-Five Canadians Skip Meals to Help Make Ends MeetHelp Food Banks across Canada Reduce Hunger by supportingHunger Awareness Week: May 4 – 8 2015

Food banks across the country are asking Canadians to join the Hunger Awareness Week movement from May 4-8, 2015, to raise awareness about the solvable issue of Hunger in Canada.

In communities nationwide complex factors such as health, education, and employment are directly impacting Canadians’ ability to feed themselves and their families.  Hunger can very much be a hidden issue and the number of people forced to live with it is often underestimated.

 You can help make a positive impact during Hunger Awareness Week with three easy steps:

Give It Up: Put food out of reach - challenge yourself to fast on May 8th.
Give a Shout: Share your experience – show your support via Facebook, Twitter (#HungerWeek), or blogging.
Give It Out: Donate food, funds or your time to a local food bank.    

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