Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More job hunting tips for Boomers

An important factor in job seeking is locating employers who are interested in hiring you and your skills, abilities, and enthusiasm. As a seasoned veteran of the work force, you probably know how to locate job vacancies. 

Yes, there is an employer who is looking for your particular abilities and interests. As a reminder a job vacancy will occur because:
1. An employee is fired.
2. An employee may die.
3. An employee may retire, resign, start a new business, or take a job elsewhere.
4. An employee may be away from work because of accident, illness or a vacation period; this may create a temporary vacancy.
5. An employee may be promoted to a higher position. This may mean there will be a job vacancy.
6. An increase in demand for the companies’ products or services may mean that the staff will have to be increased temporarily or permanently.
7. A new organization starts up and additional staff is required.
8. A change in work procedures or equipment used may create openings for individuals who have special combinations of skill and training.

It is important to use every possible means to locate desirable job vacancies. Here are some methods to discover vacancies:

1. Tips from friends and acquaintance concerning present or future job vacancies on staffs of organizations. These friends and acquaintances may sometimes help by putting in a good word for you. It is hard sometimes to let your friends know you are looking for a job especially if they know you retired. Tell them you are bored and looking for some adventure or you may tell them that you are planning a trip and you need some extra cash, also tell them the kind of job you are trying to find.

2. Contacts with former employers for whom you have worked may lead to an opportunity. You may only want part-time but these can often lead, into full-time employment. This happened to me and it took me a year before I could quit. 

3. "Cold canvas" calls. First, compile a list of local organizations where you want to work. Call a certain number each day, selling your services. The focus in cold calling is not the response but the number of calls completed. When I was in sales cold calls were the hardest part of the job. So I worked up a goal of getting X number of cold calls done each day. By setting the goal of reaching a number, you will feel good about achieving the goal.

4. Tips and help from relatives. They may know of job vacancies suitable for you or suggest employers to contact.

5. Employment agencies. You should use private, government and unions.

6. "Cold canvass" by emailing. The idea is the same as in 3 above, but the letter makes the contact not the person. Such emails are usually ineffective unless addressed to specific individuals.

7. Reports in newspapers and trade magazines concerning new businesses and expansion of existing ones. These firms will require workers.

9. Use Web sites such as  AARP , Employment for Seniors CanadaLinkedIn ,Craig s list or Seniors for Jobs  to help your search. 

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