Sunday, July 26, 2015

Being Silly is being a good role model for grandchildren

We were walking after Supper and my friend said to be, I love being silly with my grand kids and when I travel,  but my wife wants me to tone my being silly down. He then went on to say that as his grandchildren grew he perhaps should act more "grown-up". 

I replied that what we need more of in the world is being silly and not taking ourselves too seriously. I said that his grandchildren will have others that will want them to act their age. I said that they need a role model in their lives that shows them it is all right to have fun and to be spontaneous and to enjoy life and that being "silly'" is acceptable.

I hope that I never outgrow the joy I have when I act "silly" with my friends or my grandson. It has taken me 65 years to get back to this stage in life where I can be "silly" without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. I may make others feel embarrassed but, in my mind, that is their problem. 

Life is fun and we need to set good examples for our grandchildren. So as Boomers we need to learn to play and to be as excited about life as when we were four years old.

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