Friday, July 3, 2015


Reunions bring back good memories, one of the memories brought back to me at my 50th reunion was that I had managed a rock band and I was reminded of that at my reunion. I thought I did a poor job of managing the band, but the surviving members, had different thoughts. They talked about how much fun we had. The personalities in the band were strong, the musical ability of group was strong, and I was not up to the task of managing the egos involved so we went our own musical ways.

I had to admit, we had fun, made lots of music, but we broke up after a year. I love music. and music plays an important part of my life still and I except it does for many bloomers (when we were young we were bloomers, now we are older we are called boomer's, perhaps the "l" has come off the bloom). I just came across a wonder weekly column on music that I thought I would share. The column is a weekly feature of a Blog I read called As Time Goes By (What it means to grow older). 

The column is called  Elder Music was launched in December of 2008. The weekly column is written by Peter Tibbles. His knowledge of just about every genre of music is formidable. It has been gained, he says, by sitting at home listening to music. “That's it, really,” writes Peter. “I read a lot and drink wine as well. Oh, I cook a bit so I'll have something to go with the wine."

In the 1980s and early 1990s, he was a part-time deejay on a community radio station for ten years. He was originally asked to do a Fifties rock 'n' roll and country music program. Later, he did a RandB/soul show, a “general-what-he-wanted program," also filling in for the blues, jazz and classical shows whenever those presenters were unavailable.

Peter, who worked in the IT industry, is now retired and lives in Melbourne, Australia. 

The writing is full of humour and sense of fun. You can read Peter's bio here and find links to all his columns here. If you love music, and have a sense of fun check this out. This week Peter talks about the movie and the song Unchained Melody. It was a very interesting and fun read.

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