Friday, July 17, 2015

Special Holidays

We as Boomers, like to celebrate, any excuse for a party.  So to get you in the mood to celebrate on this fine Friday in July, here are three little known holiday ideas. Did you know that today is 

Peach Ice Cream Day.  I love this idea especially on a a cool, peachy keen day.

Peaches are one of the best flavours of the summer season. People wait for about 48 weeks for the peach harvest to ripen. And, when it does, for a few short weeks, its  "peach everything"! In celebration of the harvest, the ice cream companies make peach ice cream. Its hard to find other times of the year. Most major ice cream makers only produce it during the summer. (It kinda makes you yearn for the old days of HOJO's 28 Flavors!)

Peach Ice cream is the way to go today. Enjoy it on an ice cream cone, in an ice cream soda, in a sundae, or simply in a dish.

You'll find Peach Ice Cream Day is the real scoop!

The Origin of Peach Ice Cream Day:

I did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. So, I have yet to discover the real scoop over this ice cream day. My money is on the ice cream makers,. probably Ben and Jerry as the originators.

No wonder over the creation of this day sometimes overlaps with National Ice Cream Day. I love peach ice cream, and I agree that it is so good, that it always should always be on a day apart from National Ice Cream Day.

For those of you who do not like to celebrate with ice cream, today is also

Wrong Way Corrigan Day

Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan … was an American aviator … (who) In 1938, after a transcontinental flight from Long Beach, California, to New York, he flew from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, to Ireland, even though he was supposed to be returning to Long Beach. He claimed that his unauthorized flight was due to a navigational error, caused by heavy cloud cover that obscured landmarks and low-light conditions, causing him to misread his compass…

Corrigan’s “error” caught the imagination of the … American public and inspired many jokes. The nickname “Wrong Way’ Corrigan” passed into common use and is still mentioned (or used as satire) when someone has the reputation for taking the wrong direction

And if that was not enough to get you in the mood to celebrate, today is (for all you math people out there):

Yellow Pig Day 

The Yellow Pig is believed to have originated with mathematicians Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly, while they were students at Princeton University in the early 1960s. They began listing interesting properties of the number 17, and somehow the 17-eye lashed yellow pig was born.

Yellow Pigs Day events have been held by mathematicians since at least the 1960s. Most celebrations occur on July 17, although others are held on May 17 (May being the "17th month" of the previous year) and September 17 (a convenient time for college students).

The most elaborate festivities are held at (Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics) HCSSiM, where the holiday has been celebrated annually for roughly 34 years. In preparation for the event, students decorate shirts (often mathematically themed) with yellow pigs on them. 

On Yellow Pigs Day students, staff, and visiting alumni wear these shirts. Ultimate has long been the official sport of the day, and a competitive student/alumni game is held. In recent years, origami yellow pigs have been folded

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