Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Should I travel because of all the terror outside of my home country?

If you believe the papers, you may well want to stay home and become a recluse. The world can be a dangerous place and the headlines today only added to the fear with news of terrorist attacks. Was travelling less dangerous years ago, I doubt it, but if you paid attention to the news and watched the government warnings, travel was not dangerous then and it is not dangerous now. The key is to be careful where you go and when you go. In retirement we can plan our trips at any time of the year. So if there is an outbreak of violence when we want to travel, postpone the trip. Why do people want to travel to places where there is a history or an outbreak of violence? 

Is it better to be cavalier and argue that when you have come as far with your life as retirement, nothing is going to stop you continuing in the way you want? Alternatively is it more sensible to cower at home, examining the world  from the safety of your computer or television set?

What about the risks of flying compared with driving to the supermarket or gym, and is staying at home really safe anyway? 

Ultimately it is not of course what statistics or what the Internet or the government says, it's how you feel about the journey and destination.   

So check out the area and the country and travel if you want to, just be careful. Staying at home can be just as dangerous, if you believe the politicians of fear that are currently making noise in the press. Travel is fun, educational and safe if you plan correctly.

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