Monday, August 17, 2015

Strategic Voting is wrong

As we continue to move toward the election in Canada,  many progressive voters are touting the idea of strategic voting.The idea is to vote for the candidate that will defeat the Conservative candidate in the riding. 

I am not sure if that is a good idea. Our Prime Minister, who is not a nice person for those who do not share his ideas and vision of Canada. I am one of those that think he is taking Canada in the wrong direction, and I have over the years supported those who have stood up to him. 

To some progressives the way to defeat him means finding the candidate that will defeat the conservative and holding your nose and voting for that person/party even if that party/person does not reflect your views.

I am a big believer in voting for the best person that you think will represent your views and your riding on the Federal, Provincial or Municipal level. Vote for who you believe is the best candidate. 

If the progressive side wins the most seats, then the parties can decide to work together to form government. They can form a coalition, or form a strategic partnership to take the government away from the conservatives. 

We don't need strategic voting for the progressives to take back Canada, we do need a higher voter turnout, and we need many more young people to vote. 

Unfortunately, many of my peers (seniors and boomer's) will vote for the current government, because they tend to believe that the government will not lie or do things that are bad for Canadians. They also like the simple easy message that the current government is sending. 

For the progressive vote to win the next election, you don't need to cast a ballot for a person you think will defeat the conservative, but you need to cast a ballot and get all of the people you know to get out and vote. 

I urge you to vote for the person you think will do the best for you in your riding. At the end of the day, the progressive parties will hold more seats than the government and they will take power. 

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